Lenses and Accessories

Lenses and Accessories

Our high-end cinema lenses and accessories will provide even the most discerning production with a complete solution for their needs. Ranging from super wide-angle to telephoto, our lenses can capture the content needed to satisfy the Director’s vision. We’re even able to provide live playback from the air with our air-to-ground downlink transmitter in the comfort of our Mobile Video Village.

CANON CN-E 30-300mm

Canon's brilliant Cinema Zoom lenses offer extraordinary optical performance for demanding high-end productions. The 30-300mm has best-in-class zoom magnification and telephoto focal length for the Super 35 format, and features an advanced optical design with fluorite and large aspherical lens elements to achieve sharp, consistent images throughout their zoom range. One of the lightest and smallest lenses in its class, this lens offers consistent form factors and markings optimized for motion picture production.

  • Focal length: 30-300mm
  • Aperture: T2.95-3.7
  • Length: 299mm
  • Front diameter: 136mm
  • Weight 12.79 (5.8 kg)


The Canon CINE-SERVO 50-1000mm ultra-telephoto zoom lens provides 4K performance for Super 35 large-format single-sensor cameras and accommodates either broadcast or cinema-style production due to its removable Digital Drive unit. This lens is great for sports, nature documentaries, and other types of long-zoom field production, yet it's easy to carry! It can be used with major brands of single-sensor Super 35 cameras and conforms to industry-standard camera-to-lens communication protocols including 12-pin serial communication (common to major broadcast camera brands) and Canon EOS technology.

  • Focal length: 50 to 1000mm (75 to 1500mm with 1.5 Extender)
  • Aperture: 50-560mm: T5.0 | At 1000mm: T8.9 (without Extender)
    • 75-840mm: T7.5 | At 1500mm: T13.35 (with Extender)
  • Length: 414mm
  • Front diameter: 136mm
  • Weight: 14.6 lbs (6.6kg)

Angenieux OPTIMO 24-290mm T2.8

Setting the standard for optics technology and performance, the Optimo 24-290, 12x spherical zoom lens meets the most demanding requirements. Manufactured with exquisite precision, it helps you bring greater artistry and cinematic expression to your production in any format. The Optimo long lens is unrivaled as the industry’s reference lenses for every type of production from feature films and television to sporting events and concerts.

  • Focal length: 24-290mm
  • Aperture: T2.8
  • Length: 440mm
  • Front diameter: 162mm
  • Weight: 24.25 lbs. (11kg)

Angenieux OPTIMO Anamorophic 44-440 A2S ( T4.5)

The Optimo 44-440 is a 10x zoom lens featuring a traditional 2x horizontal squeeze with minimum breathing and distortion and a fast aperture of T4.5 across the zoom range. This lens brings the speed and flexibility of the long range anamorphic zoom to the set and creates a unique image that combines controlled background with an aesthetically dimensional foreground. The Optimo 44-440 brings what many refer to as a “creamy and organic look,” which Angenieux zooms are known for and is ideal for work with digital cameras.

  • Focal length: 40-440mm
  • Aperture: f/4 - T4.5
  • Length: 414mm
  • Front diameter: 136mm
  • Weight: 16.6 lbs (7.55kg)


The Fujinon Cabrio 25-300mm zoom series is a 12x PL mount cine lens which gives you the versatility to cover a wide variety of shooting situations and spectacular 4K performance! The 25-300 with its generous focal range, makes it ideal for shooting documentaries, nature and wildlife, and car commercials, as well as the closer shots that can only be made with a wider-angle lens. The 25-300 covers 31.5mm sensor size.

  • Focal length: 25-300mm
  • Aperture: T3.5
  • Length: 401mm
  • Front diameter: 136mm
  • Weight: 19.6 lbs (8.9kg)


This Fujinon ARRI Alura lens comes from a partnership between the two major companies, both known for their outstanding optics, and provides high resolution and contrast with minimized ghosting and flares as well as reduced chromatic aberration. The ARRI Alura has a consistent aperture of T2.6 across the entire focal and zoom range, is lightweight, and is compatible with PL mount cameras. 

  • Focal length: 18-80mm
  • Aperture: T2.6
  • Length: 285mm
  • Front diameter: 134 mm
  • Weight: 10.4 lbs. (4.7 kg)

CANON CN7X17 17-120mm

The CINE-SERVO 17-120mm lens provides cinematographers and broadcast operations with a compact, lightweight design using Canon optical elements, while offering outstanding performance and reliability in professional shooting environments. The new lens is fully 4K-ready, with a high optical resolution and support for Super 35 large-format cameras. Acknowledging that broadcasters often need to control zoom, focus and aperture in different ways than filmmakers, Canon has developed this zoom lens with full external servo control for drama, documentary and other broadcast productions.

  • Focal length: 17-120mm
  • Aperture: T2.95-3.9
  • Length: 255mm
  • Front diameter: 114mm
  • Weight: 6.39 lbs. (2.9 kg)

CANON CN-E 30-105mm

This Cinema Zoom lens rivals best-in-class zoom magnification and mid-range focal lengths for the Super 35 format, and is engineered to offer superb 4K optical performance for demanding high-end productions. Intended for the working professional, the 30-105mm lens has markings on angled surfaces on and both sides of the barrel, making its settings easy to read from behind, or from either side of the camera.

  • Focal length: 30-105mm
  • Aperture: T2.8
  • Length: 218mm
  • Front diameter: 114mm
  • Weight: 4.8 lb (2.2 kg)

CANON CN-E 15.5-47mm

The compact and lightweight 15.5-47mm Cinema Zoom lens rivals best-in-class zoom magnification and wide-angle focal length range for the Super 35 format, and is engineered to offer superb optical 4K performance for demanding high-end productions. Intended for the working professional, the 15.5-47mm lens has markings on angled surfaces and on both sides of the barrel, making its settings easy to read from behind, or from either side of the camera.

  • Focal length: 15.5-47mm
  • Aperture: T2.8
  • Length: 222mm
  • Front diameter: 114mm
  • Weight: 4.8lbs. (2.2 kg)


The FIZ system controls the complete array of both lens and camera functions. It consists of the HU3 hand unit, a set of Digital Motors, a Micro Force zoom control and optional controls including wireless Focus/Iris and zoom for splitting of functions from the main HU3 hand unit.

The HU3 gives focus pullers not only a robust and reliable unit but one whose controls equip the focus puller to smoothly translate the changing actors' positions on set to a precise movement of the focus knob. It integrates its 30 channel 2.4GHz wireless link into a new splash-resistant housing. Weather sealed tactile switches are used throughout. The integrated microwave antenna is protected from impact. The iris slider uses a unique non-contact technology to eliminate the opening required for a conventional sliding seal.


Long Range Video Downlink with mobile TACTICAL receiver and portable briefcase receiver with built in DVR.

The Compact Portable Tx-II is a lightweight, RF video transmitter. The CPTx-II transmitter delivers HD / SD output at up to 8 Watts in 2K DVB-TCOFDM mode. The CPTx-II supports video/audio/data/telemetry with selectable modulation bandwidths of 6, 7 and 8MHz.


Allows the integration of off the shelf wireless link enabling the system to be used on various platforms when the operator controls the system at a distance. The F1 can be used as a remote head on a crane or it can be rigged into any type of vehicle - ground, water or air.


Our mobile video village is custom designed for the specific task at hand, keeping you comfortable while working on site or scouting a job. Inside, the Bus is wired with Cat6 HD-SDI and HDMI connectivity and can broadcast a signal on all 4K monitors both inside and out.


Used for off-airport operations when filming in remote locations. Save time. Save money. Get the job done!  

  • Capacity: 216 Gallons (~4 hours of normal operation)
  • LA City Fire Department approved for landings within city limits
  • LA County Fire Department approved for all other areas of operation
  • Non-HAZMAT vehicle


The Nightsun is the number one searchlight used by law enforcement, border patrol, and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and is capable of providing a mobile, high-intensity light source for a variety of applications.

  • Peak beam intensity: 30-40 million candlepower
  • Lamp type: Arc Xenon
  • Beam width: 4°-20° remote control focus
  • Useful range for target: 1 mile


Designed at the request of some of Hollywood's top cinematographers, the Force Joystick is an alternative to the standard displacement joystick. It is designed to boost operator precision and control during high-speed shooting with a quick disconnect fitting that allows cinematographers to operate the gimbal freehand and away from the main controller.


Water drops in front of the lens are a thing of the past. Spinning at 10000RPM our rain spinner keep your shot clean in the middle of the heaviest storm.


A polarizer filter that rotates at the push of a button on the Gimbal Controller enables the perfect shot by darkening skies, managing reflections or suppressing glare.


Adapt your system to any ground based platform with the Mitchell Mount


The F1 easily breaks down into cases that meet commercial airline size and weight requirements. This allows the F1 to be hand carried as excess baggage and faster transit times worldwide.